Distributed Computation and Optimization


Photo from https://www.nsf.gov/od/lpa/news/03/tip031021.htm

Distributed computation and optimization is a rapidly growing field in systems and controls that is fundamentally important in the study of fully distributed and autonomous systems such as swarm robots, distributed energy resources, the study of multiagent systems, etc. The study of distributed computation and optimization is closely related to several topics in engineering and mathematics, including algebaraic graph theory, linear algebra, linear and nonlinear systems, and stochastic processes. Our research in this domain currently focuses on the study of general schemes for distributed optimization and averaging.

Signaling Games, Learning, and Language Formation


One of my academic interest is the study of language evolution, formation, and learning. As a matter of fact, such a study not only shed lights on how modern languages might have come to existence but also, it provides insights into how we can reach deep autonomy in robotic networks and artificial intelligence.

Evolutionary Game Theory


One of my main areas of interest is the study of population dynamics as a result of interactions between agents/players/entities in a network or a society and the study of survival and extinction of different species/strategies/types in such setting.